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Electronic Targets for High Power Shooting

The simple and cost-effective solution for your club or range. Created by fullbore & F-class shooters.
  • Easy to set up and simple to operate
  • ​Use your existing target frames
  • Easy installation and calibration
  • Very portable and easy to handle
  • Powered by self contained batteries
  • Each target operates independently
  • Server links targets and creates WiFi hotspot
  • BYO wireless tablets or smartphone
  • The most cost-effective solution for clubs and ranges
  • Proven system, developed by shooters and used internationally
  • Over 100 targets operating worldwide
  • 31 targets operating at 13 ranges in New Zealand
  • Canadian, US and European sales to military and shooting ranges
  • Clubs reporting consistent plotting accuracy
  • Tested extensively in the United States and Canada
Designed and built in Canada and Germany, this system represents simplicity, reliability and is a very cost effective total and complete target solution compared to any other systems.

This is the ideal solution for clubs and ranges looking for an accurate and reliable target solution without a premium price tag.
  • WiFi capability between target and server is out to 1000m or more, depending on line-of-sight, interference, elevation & atmospheric conditions
  • WiFi is standard 2.4GHz
  • Power to each controller (yellow box) or server (orange box) is by way of internal batteries
  • These are rechargeable with most any typical SLA charger (one is supplied with each system)
  • Battery life of the system is at least 10 hours for the target controller and the server, providing a full day of shooting
  • This system requires supersonic bullet speed at the target and will only register supersonic shots. Therefore, this system will not be applicable for smallbore, pistol or shotgun.

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